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The Endless Immensity
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Sunday, May 6th, 2007
9:03 am
cake and a half
When I get older losing my hair
many years from now
will you still be sending me a valentine
birthday greeting, bottle of wine
If I'd been out till quarter to three
would you lock the door
Will you still need me
Will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four

You'll be older too
And if you say the word
I could stay with you

I could be handy mending a fuse
when your light have gone
You can knit a sweater by the fireside
Sunday mornings, go for a ride
Doing the garden, digging the weeds
Who could ask for more
Will you still need me
Will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four

Every summer we can rent a cottage on the
Isle of Wight, if it's not too dear
We shall scrimp and save
Grandchildren on your knee
Vera, Chuck, and Dave

Send me a postcard, drop me a line
stating point of view
indicate precisely what you mean to say
yours sincerely wasting away
Give me your answer fill in a form
mine forever more
Will you still need me
Will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
8:40 am
for you
for just_the_ash, of course

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
11:04 am
research of the day...
Here are the two things I'm trying to research between bouts of DDR Mario Mix with C...

1. Yesterday at my gyn appointment, I talked about how I've had more obvious symptoms of my pcos since my LEEP last April. The dr said that I should talk things over with my gp as well because the metabolic / insulin resistant side of things needs to be handled delicately, and any hormonal type solutions are tricky given my Factor V. (I am SUCH an interesting patient!) He did use the M-word with me (Metformin) but suggested I continue my research and see my gp first. It had only occurred to me last week that the reason I was feeling best health-wise during and shortly after my pregnancy was probably that the hormones were putting the pcos in check. I tried using the 9-month diet plan a second time, but we all know that didn't work out! Anyway, information, helpful sites, etc. especially from my fellow pcosers would be appreciated. I'm working on it.

2. Originally we'd planned to have Grandpa build C. a tree house as his main birthday present this year, but C. is now strongly obsessing about castles and knights (King Arthur in particular - he makes me play doomed 2-player games of Shadows Over Camelot with him every day!). This morning I thought perhaps we could find/design plans for a tree house that had a slightly castle-like feel to it (crenelations?). I am looking for websites, pictures, any starting points for that at all.
Monday, March 5th, 2007
9:38 pm
A nice four-day-weekend is drawing to a close... today is M's birthday, so he took Friday and today off and we've spent the time playing games, reading, going to C's last soccer game, visiting with friends & family, watching Angel season 5, playing more games, etc. I haven't been on the computer a lot.

Tonight is all whedonesque, though, as a visit to the Dark Knight website shows us that the Buffy comic series "Season 8" (all written by Joss) will be hitting the stands starting in two weeks, and the best youtube videos of the evening, for all you browncoats, are here and here. They may be funnier if you are not only a browncoat but also the mother of a young child... in which case, the cast will look hauntingly familiar... Enjoy.
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
7:58 am
Women’s shelters in the U.S. go through thousands of tampons and pads monthly, and, while agencies generally assist with everyday necessities such as toilet paper, diapers, and clothing, this most basic need is often overlooked. You and I may take our monthly trips down the feminine care aisle for granted, but, for women in shelters, a box of tampons is five dollars they can’t spare. Here’s some good news: you can help us contribute to rectifying this situation by making a virtual donation here!
For each virtual donation, Seventh Generation will send a pack of organic cotton tampons or chlorine-free pads to a shelter in your state.
Monday, February 26th, 2007
11:34 am
DNA Match!
The DNA match came back!

Another step down, two more big ones to go -
US Embassy pre-approval (4-6 weeks)
PGN (6-9 weeks)

So we're looking at the second half of June for travel, but we've all seen already how fast those things change!

This is the week that we can finish assembling our 1-gallon bag and send it down...

I'm giddy again!
Saturday, February 24th, 2007
8:06 am
meme 1
from queenalia

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me.

It can only be one word.

No more.

Then copy & paste this in your journal so that I may leave a word about you.
Monday, February 19th, 2007
9:01 am
they don't teach you this in high school band...

At YouTube they have more videos by this guy. HOW DOES HE DO THAT? Be glad you don't live close enough to listen as I head upstairs to grab my flute and try this.
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
12:33 pm
Does this surprise anybody?
It's my color.


You give your love and friendship unconditionally. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at QuizMeme.com!

Sunday, February 11th, 2007
10:07 pm

I'm here for a little pre-bed venting. The day went well, really well actually, right up until 4:15 when my husband suffered a new level of sudden, severe head pain and we were so scared by it that I took him into the ER.

We spent something like 4 hours there, first a lot of waiting (it was packed) and then he had a CT scan and a shot of morphine... eventually, when the CT came back clean and the morphine kicked in, they released him. The dr on call thinks cluster headaches, so we'll be calling our regular dr for a follow up this week.

Probably the biggest disruption was that at about 4:14 I was just getting ready to go in the kitchen and cook up a pot of my favorite butternut-and-ham soup for dinner. C and I shared a popsicle given to him by a very nice nurse arouind 7:00, but other than that we had nothing until in desperation we hit the McDonald's drive-thru on the way home at 9:00.

The only thing getting me through this in one piece (well, besides the fact that my husband didn't, in fact, have a stroke) was that C was not only amazingly well-behaved, but that many, many, many people noticed that. We read through half of James and the Giant Peach and colored some coloring sheets they had there, and looked at all the things going on around us. We had an interesting conversation about the shape of shoes as compared to the shape of feet; another about what the ceiling is good for and why most ceilings are so empty.

But I'm so over-tired from the stress and the worry and the not-eating that my eye is twitching. I just had to pop onto the shiny computer for five minutes before bed and try to work a little sanity back into my life. Thank you, one and all, for listening.
Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
4:44 pm
Crazy Day
I can't begin to express how weird the past 24 hours have been, but it will soothe me to try.

Last night, C had soccer practice. We got to the Y about 20 minutes early, as is our custom, because he likes to wander the building and watch swimmers and racquetball games. As we drove around the building to access the main parking lot, we were waved away. There was a car fire in the lot, still being actively attended to by fire fighters and various others. We drove around and around (this particular Y is in the most "downtown"-y area we have around here) and finally parked in a garage one block away.

One block is not such a big deal, except that we normally park in the building's lot and it happened to be about 8 degrees (with nasty winds too) at the time. I didn't have scarves or extra coats, just our normal coats and gloves. We got halfway to the building and C was really scared because he was so cold. Without thinking, I whipped off my coat and wrapped it around him... we made it into the Y just fine but it did take me half of soccer practice to warm back up!

Today, after the thrift store, we tried to stop at Target to refill a prescription. As we drove around the strip mall to access the parking lot, we were waved away. Yup. There was a small welding fire on the roof (it's being remodeled), still being actively attended to by fire fighters and various others. We drove around, parked, and watched for a while, but there seemed to be no hope of being let into the store soon, so we left.

Active fire trucks twice in 18 hours?

After lunch, I was reintroducing C to the joys of YouTube (yes, he loves Emperor Gets a Job, and was watching Sesame Street News Flash with Kermit for the first time) when I heard a funny rustling noise. I thought it was C swinging his legs, but turned my head in time to see a small mouse-y form dart out from under a bookcase, then sneak back under.

Instinctively, we ran into the playroom to see how the mouse escaped. Both of our mice were safely caged... so we're a three-mouse-house. I assume the bitter cold drove the field mouse to seek warmer, yummier housing. C and I had a long Talk about why we can not capture this mouse and put it in the tank with the others or even put it in its own tank. Then I started my search for a catch-and-release mouse trap, which seems to be widely available at all Lowe's but the one in my actual zip code. We'll call around some more tonight.

The phone rang, and it was Lynn from the agency. I'll put more information in a friends-only post...
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
11:56 am
smaller is better
I haven't been around much in the past week or two because our formerly quite-buggy computer was venturing into the realms of more-buggy-than-not. We splurged this week and bought a new slimline HP with a flat panel monitor - the tower and monitor together take up less space than the old monitor. So, hooray for technological bliss. We will, in the coming weeks, be slowly taking the information (photos, email addresses, etc - I left it all) off the old clunker and bringing it to the new slimline. In the meantime, anyone who sent me a very cool YouTube movie in the past four months (after our sound card died)... send it now! We can watch it now! Yahoo!
Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
9:55 pm
Happy Birthday to ME
Thank you just_the_ash and friends, and everyone else who wished me a happy day online, by phone, and/or in person!

It was a good one.

M took the day off and both boys said whatever I wanted to do was mine to do. So we started the day with family yoga in the living room, went to Chuck E Cheese before it got crowded (hm, I like skee ball and whac-a-mole), had lunch out, went to see Night at the Museum, had presents and quiet time at home, went out to dinner with friends, came home for more presents and quality time with said presents! And now, to bed.

Thank you, one and all. It is good being old.
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
6:52 pm
Too cool... box rivets
Check out this site. WOW. Wouldn't you love to do this?

Our life will probably be too crazy to do this for C's 5th birthday, but certainly for #6 we could try one of these... ooh. aah.
Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
4:27 pm
Post-Christmas Contentment
Many, many thanks to queenalia, who told me on my day most frazzled that she thinks of me as a Martha Stewart, only real! I used it as a mantra to get me through the rest of the wrapping-cooking-hosting time.

We had a nice Christmas. My dad and his wife, as well as just_the_ash and my husband's cousin J all were here on the 24th. We had a lasagna dinner (prepared painstakingly by me of course, muttering "I am Martha Stewart, I am more REAL than Martha Stewart") and shared some good conversation. The 25th was a glory of tossed wrappings and happiness exchanged. C's top three gifts, probably, were the remote control crazy car, a back-of-the-door basketball set, and a huge, wooden, modular castle. (And the STR WORZ GIES, of course.) He was excited about everything this year and cried out several times, "That's exactly what I wanted!"

Yesterday we ventured to the mall in order to do our twisted Patty Duke photos (I'd given just_the_ash a black shirt identical to mine and we were photographed in matching outfits) and have some lunch out. Last night was a dinner out (Martha Stewart gets wined and dined) and then a relaxing trip to the bookstore.

C was very upset about our family's departure. He growled and play punched at my dad, and refused to say a nice goodbye or give any hugs or kisses. He was stand-offish as they were going. The moment the door closed behind them, he turned to me and said, "I'm very sad, Mommy."

So we read and read (the books he got for Christmas that he discounted at the time because they were unfamiliar, but turned out to be really great, especially the pirate books) and then made a chart showing how many days until Pappy returns (he's coming on the 12th to celebrate my birthday a little late).

Tonight we're heading over to T&M's to do our last Christmas with friends.
Saturday, December 23rd, 2006
4:40 pm
Holiday Season
It's the holiday season...

The past three days have been a blur. We finished our cards, met M for lunch so he could sign the cards, found out M hadn't really planned anything for his employees for a little holiday gift. Spent that afternoon shopping, to eventually buy nice presents for his bosses and peers, and 100 (gah, 100) cookie cutters for the employees in his section.

We printed out 100 little cards that said: I made a plate of cookies to share with you this year; / I thought it was a great way to spread some winter cheer. / They all looked really tasty, so I thought I'd eat just one. / A little while later, I noticed there were none! / So here's my season's greeting, and a cookie cutter too. / Now you can make your own cookies, and maybe share a few! - sums up M's attitude towards cookies... then we punched little star-shaped holes in each card and tied a cookie cutter on with ribbon. All while watching about 5 episodes of the Muppet Show (including the Phantom of the Muppet Show, and the Mummenschantz episode).

Right, and of course the card-making was interrupted by our usual Thursday dinner night at the parent center...

On Friday, C and I wrapped, and worked on making a few personalized presents. We made a luggage-christmas-tree - which must be seen to be believed - and went out to lunch with friends. (Hi, cricketsong1967!) After lunch we were on another shopping mission, this time because I realized I hadn't really bought anything for my dad's wife beyond stocking stuffers (yay, Staples!) then on to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for my tortellini pasta salad. When I got home, the phone started ringing off the hook - a lot of back-and-forthing in order to get just_the_ash up here for Christmas, calling the hotel for a room, calls to and from M, my dad, etc. It had a good ending but kept me on the phone from the time I got home, all through the pasta-salad-making, up until M came home from work. PHEW.

Last night was a very nice holiday open house party at a neighbor's house - they are a slightly older family, with 5 teenagers, 2 of whom are adopted. They've lived in Guatemala and Chile, attend UU, and have one son with Asperger's. Let's just say we had a lot to talk about! C had a good time playing with two of the boys from the street, 3 year old D who we know to say hello to and often see at parent centers or the playground (with his brother N who was sick yesterday), and 4 year old J who we hadn't met before.

Today I did my final grocery shopping and a little extra swing by Target for, um, can't say since just_the_ash is reading. A gift. Then we went to R&J's house to do gifts with them since they are going skiing (or just to a dry cabin, since it's 48 degrees here) tonight through Tuesday.

C was excited to get some of the STR WORZ GIES he'd been ogling in the store (the Battle of Geonosis pack), the Millennium Falcon Transformers set, and a Lite Brite (with Star Wars refill pack, of course).

This afternoon, mostly wrapping and playing the Battle of Geonosis over, and over, and over, and over.

I'm busy, but not overly stressed.
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
9:47 pm
Today is C's 4 1/2th birthday... I can't believe he's getting so old.

I haven't posted much (since the big squee news of last week) because we've just been coasting and getting used to the idea of our girl.

We've been doing the usual: lots of Legos (today it was making a park scene using all our trees, flowers, shrubs, and green or brown blocks), lots of reading (he's gone back to some Dr. Seuss favorites that we hadn't been reading in a while), trying out new gadgets (we bought the Read With Me DVD system at a K-mart on clearance this week - thinking it would be too basic for C and we'd save it for J, but C was interested in it and has been enjoying it a bit - so if you have a K-mart near you, let me know so I can send you the list of 4 titles they produced for the system that I can't find here - K-mart is getting rid of them for $5 each and I can't find any more at our store) - hm, that was a bit long for a parenthetical remark, wasn't it? -

Lots of coloring, drawing, experimental writing. C is interested in how to make a heart; my stomach's a bit off tonight and he's been bringing me sheets of paper with red hearts on them to make me feel better. Also four electrostaffs made from beheaded Q-tips. His great-grandmother (called Gigi) bought him a giant dinosaur coloring book at dinner on Sunday and he won a big box art set at my choir's party, so he's been watercoloring, sharpening pencils, using colored pencils and markers and crayons like crazy.

Time spent with the mice. He's always interested in giving them new things - today, an empty granola bar box - and in having them out in their exercise balls to play in whatever room he's in. Did I mention we had to buy the mice Christmas presents too?

Everything's good, nothing further earthshattering since Wednesday...
Thursday, December 14th, 2006
9:32 pm
Image Meme
Snerked from walkertxkitty... my first follow-the-crowd meme! It just looked like so much fun.

Type your answers to the questions into Google Image Search and then post one of the pictures that comes up as a result.

See my answers.Collapse )
Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
6:34 pm
unpopular nerds
Snerked from queenalia, read this.

Weren't you nodding your head in agreement the whole way through the article? The point he makes that popularity takes work, and nerds have more important things to do, was a new take on the situation, and it makes sense.

Of course you know my response: this is why I won't be sending C to public school.

The author also says, on his follow-up page, that homeschooling isn't the long-term answer, but that high schools have the potential to be every bit as engaging as colleges. This is absolutely true, and in many, many conversations with friends over the years, I've often talked about an Ideal School, how it would be optional and open and Holt-ish, available to all kids at all times, to have group experiences and informed mentors and expensive equipment and more, but never the drop-off, marking-time prison it is today.

So how do we do this??
Monday, December 11th, 2006
10:10 pm
Everything's fine!
Yes, I'm still here, and everything's fine. We had a long weekend visit from my dad and his wife from mid-day Friday through mid-day today. In that time we:

-played with Legos nearly to the exclusion of all else
-went out to eat four times
-I had rehearsal on Friday night; everyone else went to the bookstore
-made a treat swing for the mice from half a grapefruit skin
-saw Flushed Away
-went to my choir concert
-built a big Thomas layout
-shopped at the store at the glass museum
-got to see Keith and Ezra live in concert!

So I didn't have much time on the computer.

Everything is good, though. Tonight was the holiday party for my choir, so we were out again.
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